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Types of parquet

Two-layer parquet

Three-layer parquet

Solid wood parquet

Two-layer construction – the topcoat is made of noble wood, e.g. oak, base made of pine, birch plywood or oak. Its advantage is stability and resistance to fluctuations in tempera†ours, especially suitable for warm floors and is durable.

Three-layer construction – the topcoat is made of noble wood, e.g. oak, the middle layer is made of pine or spruce, the bottom layer is pine or spruce. The premise of three-layer parquet is a click system, or floating graid laying method.

Solid wood parquet is made of one wood in the thickness of the entire board. Their advantage is a longer service life. Solid wood parquet is not recommended for heated floors, but there are some collections that can be used for underfloor heating.

Parkets siltajām grīdām - Noliktavas izpārdošana

Parkets siltajām grīdām - Divslāņu parkets

Parkets ar Click sistēmu - Trīsslāņu parkets

Solid wood parquet

Types of vinyl

LVT Vinyl Flooring

SPC Quartz Vinyl Flooring

WPC Vinyl Flooring

LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) is an innovative, updated version of vinyl flooring. LVT thickness is 2.5 – 3mm. Its realistic design imitates the appearance of real wood, ceramic or stone flooring, while maintaining an affordable price.

Laying method adhesive floor – perfectly smooth floor is required and there is a more expensive cost per m2 than click system vinyl.
Consists of several thin layers that provide flexibility, strength and low maintenance. Suitable for all types of premises.


SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) flooring is an improved version of LVT. SPC thickness is 6 – 8mm. For SPC vinyl floors, the core is made of quartz sand with a cork or foam underlay (the denser the more durable and fits warm floors with a very good heat return ) and a very durable CLICK 2G and 5G connection system.

SPC vinyl has a high wear resistance and very good sound insulation. Perfectly imitates the structure of wood, tile or stone. With good heat and sound insulation. It is also environmentally friendly and completely waterproof. Cheaper decking (as for LVT vinyl). Suitable for all types of premises, not recommended for bath rooms.

WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) For WPC vinyl floors, the core is made of recycled wood pulp and plastic composite materials. WPC thickness is 5mm.

With a sturdy CLICK decking system. Both layers of the foundation are completely waterproof. Suitable for all types of premises, not recommended for bath rooms. Suitable for hit floors.

Lielizmēra kvarca vinila grīda - paredzēta arī siltajām grīdām

Kvarca Vinila Grīda - paredzēta arī siltajām grīdām

WPC Vinila Grīdas

LVT Vinila Grīda - paredzēta arī siltajām grīdām

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Jelena Ivanova
11:07 31 Oct 22
A real place to buy parquet. Good service. For installation, you can safely take the recommended masters.
Artūrs Vikmanis
09:52 13 Jul 22
Excellent and professional customer service. Quality floor and masters.
Dmitry Anohin
09:50 10 Jun 22
The apartment has purchased an exclusive vinyl floor. Looks great (real parquet), laid out in one layer on all 150 meters!!! Looks great!!! The company's service is excellent! I recommend the company and products to everyone.
Janis Saulitis
07:59 30 May 22
Very good service. Many thanks to Didzis for the consultation. Two-layer parquet SAARA OLD Rustic oiled with hard wax oil looks great.
Mārtiņš Zvīgulis
16:48 21 Sep 21
The best place to buy parquet flooring. A lot of patterns and colors can be viewed. There's someone to tell. The price is about half as good as in stores of large brands in the design center. Good attitude and interest on the ground. It is seen that sellers do not count the minutes until the store closes. Can come with plans, draw, count to plan. There is also an opportunity on site to negotiate delivery and laying, which does not make the floor project disproportionately expensive.A very talkable place, and a very good feeling of human competence.
09:52 02 Sep 21
Good service

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