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The choice of flooring

Oak and birch wood have better characteristics than spruce and pine, which are used by most parquet manufacturers. The parquet construction is made of the highest quality natural raw materials, which is confirmed by a special certificate. This helps to avoid various harmful substances that can be released during underfloor heating. The two-layer parquet we offer has high thermal conductivity and low heat resistance – up to 15% more energy efficient solution compared to other types of parquet.
In addition to this, this parquet flooring is characterized by stability and longevity.

Compared to the classic chevron, chevron's geometric angle compound gives the parquet floor a modern look. The wide range of tone options allows you to create a variety of original combinations and tone transitions. Floor magic offers the highest quality chevron parquet from the British manufacturer Floor Royal. Unlike the classic herringbone for French herringbone parquet, the pattern is created by connecting rectangular parquet elements sawn at an angle, most often at an angle of 45 degrees, which gives the flooring an elegant and original look.

French herringbone parquet is perfect for living quarters, sleeping quarters and public spaces. This will create a feeling of coziness. It is also possible to install this two-layer parquet on heated floors. It is easy to care for and will retain its elegant appearance for years. Years and time will add even more charm to it. Parquet has been treated in accordance with the quality requirements of the European Union, it does not contain the chemical formaldehyde harmful to human health, which is often used in the manufacture of low-quality floor coverings.

Vinyl floor coverings are very practical both from the point of view of their care and laying. It is possible to lay them much faster and easier than other types of floor coverings. The biggest advantage of vinyl floors is their ease of care, as well as a wide assortment of shades, textures, etc. This flooring is thin, does not deform and conducts heat well. Laying is simple and it is possible to do it on your own.

Purchase of flooring

Check out the assortment of floor coverings in the catalog on our website. Choose the floor coverings you are interested in. We will be waiting for you in our salon shop to see and feel the floor coverings in person. Our specialist will provide you with professional advice, answering all your questions and giving valuable advice on choosing the right floor covering

Flooring care

Brushing or brushing is the removal of the soft fibre of the coke, thus exposing the hardest part of the wood to exploitation, for example, the fibre of the strand is removed from the brushed oak, while in the case of pine, the hardest part is the fibre that also remains. Here we can draw parallels and comparisons with old pine plank floors, wooden beams and other elements, which over time have a particularly pronounced relief and can be seen to have "worn out" the softest part of the wood.

Laying floor coverings

When choosing a floor covering, you should also immediately think about skirting boards so that they continue the design of your room. In our salon store you can order skirting boards of the required height and width, which are made of MDF or plywood, veneered with veneer made of natural wood or painted. Skirting boards can be made in the color tone that of your flooring – matched to the floor.