Quartz Vinyl Flooring SPC Silver Oak


Quartz Vinyl floor SPC Dawn 2 Dusk collection, wear class 33/42, wear layer 0.5 mm, with phases, with a special underlay, with a "click" connection system. Muffles up to 19 decibels of sound. The special underlay repels moisture and coolness, and also conducts heat using heated floors.
  • In stock: 3-7 days

  • Laying method: click system

  • Size: 6.0x180x1220mm

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  • Great for "warm" floors, heat resistance coefficient 0.068 m2 K/W
  • Suitable for both private and public premises, warranty up to 20 years
  • EpuCore is a patented SPC (stone polymer composite) base made of stone and innovative polymers
  • Another key feature of VinylTechLab's multilayer solid vinyl flooring is also its thickness. Thanks to the EpuCore formula, VinylTechLab boards and tiles are thicker, and thicker boards and tiles mean a deeper and stronger click profile
  • Foil underlay provides good thermal efficiency
  • Designed for laying according to the "floating" method
  • CE, Floor score certificates – indoor air quality standard