Vinyl flooring (LVT- Luxury Vinyl Tiles) is a synthetic flooring that is a great alternative to parquet, tiles and stone coverings, as LVT coverings successfully visually imitate each of these materials. This includes the good advantages of wood, tile, stone flooring - it has the warmth and quietness of wood, as well as the strength of tiles and stone. Thanks to these versatile properties, vinyl flooring has taken a solid place in the niche of floor coverings.

LVT floor coverings are very aesthetically pleasing, durable, easy to care for and practical, therefore they are suitable for both domestic and public spaces.

Mostly vinyl consists of PVC (polyvinyl chloride), fiberglass, quartz sand and a protective layer of polyurethane. Although part of the raw materials are synthetic (of inorganic origin), the final product we offer is harmless to human health, which is confirmed by the obtained certificate with class E1 - this is the class with the lowest emissions. Therefore, make sure that the selected cover has exactly this class!


There are 2 constructions available - adhesive vinyl floors and "click" system compatible. We will then also tell about these two structures in more detail


Adhesive vinyl floors are available in both wood and tile and stone patterns. Accordingly, for the pattern, the format of the elements also differs - in the wooden pattern the elements will be similar to the format of parquet boards, in the tile and stone pattern the elements will be similar to the tile and stone format.

They are relatively thin (2.5/3 mm) and are glued to a well-prepared and flat base with a special glue designed for laying vinyl tiles.

The main differences compared to the "click" system decking:

  • The base should be prepared very flat and smooth
  • Also better suited for wet rooms, since it is less likely to fall under the pavement
  • Cheaper in terms of price, as it is 2x thinner than the ones with the "click" system.
  • Preparation and laying of the foundation floor is more complicated and expensive


Click vinyl floors are the same in terms of format as adhesive ones. The difference lies in the fact that these floors are thicker (5-8 mm) and have a click system that allows the floor to be laid according to the "floating" method. They connect to each other with a click system on a special soundproof gasket (many manufacturers already incorporate it industrially into the structure), and this is quickly and easily done even for a non-professional.

The main differences compared to the vinyl floor to be glued:

  • Not so high requirements in the preparation of the foundation
  • Laying and dismantling is relatively easier, faster, more convenient
  • More expensive in terms of price, but less cost of laying
  • In large areas, it is desirable to leave compensation seams between the rooms, as for all floors, laid according to the "floating" system


The strength class for vinyl floor coverings is determined by the thickness of the protective layer- the thicker the protective layer, the higher the class. Various protective layer thicknesses are available on the market, mostly from 0.25 mm-0.7 mm.

In residential premises, we recommend choosing with a protective layer starting from 0.4 mm (wear class 32), since there are also rooms with less and more load in residential premises, and with such a protective layer, the floor in all rooms would serve equally well for many years.

In public spaces, we recommend choosing with a protective layer starting from 0.5 mm (wear class 33/42) and more, looking at the intensity and load. Such floors can also be used in industrial premises, which are characterized by high intensity.

With a protective layer of 0.5 mm, most manufacturers give a guarantee of 10 years for public spaces and 20 years for residential premises, but in reality they can last even longer.


Vinyl floor coverings produced by our cooperation partners are made of such high quality that it is visually difficult to distinguish them from wood, concrete or tile floors. Their collections are made in the most up-to-date color gamuts and styles, as well as sizes.

LVT floor plates are available in different sizes, depending on the manufacturer, design and collection. For example, in wooden designs, very wide and long elements are also available that maximally represent the boards of natural wood. The variety of shapes available allows you to create even 3D designs.


Vinyl flooring is great for laying on "warm" floors. It is a very dense and thin material, so it conducts heat very well and does not deform. Both adhesive and click system vinyl can be used.As an example, the vinyl we offer with a click system 8 mm thick with an already installed gasket at the base has a heat resistance coefficient of 0.06 m2 K/W, which is even less than that of a laminate with a gasket together.


LVT floors are designed for residential premises - apartments and private houses: corridors, kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms, as well as public spaces: shopping centers, offices, schools, restaurants, hotels, etc.

Vinyl Flooring Collections (Click)

Are you looking for a floor that meets your requirements from the point of view of longevity, water resistance and aesthetics? Do you need a floor finish with very high performance characteristics?

Pay attention to the vinyl thickets with click connection, also known as the system "floating floor". Vinyl is an extremely durable and durable finishing material. This ensures ease of use and pleasant to touch. This allows you to create extremely beautiful patterns in neutral shades.

EpuCore is a patented SPC (stone polymer composite) base made of stone and innovative polymers. There are many different vinyl board options available on the market that have different characteristics. The main advantage of EpuCore is its balanced formula. Multilayer solid vinyl flooring from VinylTechLab is rigid, not too heavy and retains some elasticity. Such a design guarantees high impact resistance, excellent dimensional stability and ease of installation.

Another main feature of VinylTechLab multilayer solid vinyl flooring is also its thickness. Thanks to the EpuCore formula, VinylTechLab boards and tiles are thicker, and thicker boards and tiles mean a deeper and stronger click profile.

All of the above features allow installation in larger rooms without transitional connections. Such unique parameters of EpuCore also allow installation in commercial objects with a large movement of people.

Finally, the multilayer vinyl flooring from VinylTechlab is environmentally friendly. In the production process, the excess of previous production cycles is reused, which reduces the consumption of raw materials, while maintaining a high quality of the final product. Multilayer vinyl flooring from VinylTechLab also does not contain harmful plasticizers and phthalates, which is confirmed by floorscore certificate.

herringbone board design vinyl floor with embedded foil underlay (click)
oversized plank design vinyl floor with embedded cork underlay (click)
plank design vinyl floor with embedded foil underlay (click)
tile design vinyl floor with embedded cork wood underlay (click)
tile design vinyl floor with embedded cork wood underlay (click)

Vinyl flooring collections (adhesive)

For many architects and designers, they are an irreplaceable element of interior decoration. They take on an unbeatable pace in the flooring market. It is a modern alternative to laminated panels, wood and tile coverings. They are basically used in public places due to their insensitivity to frequent use or mechanical damage.
However, there are no obstacles to putting them in an apartment or a private house. It should be emphasized that vinyl is an extremely elastic and durable material that allows you to achieve the effect of a real wooden floor.

plank design vinyl flooring
tile design vinyl flooring
oversized board design vinyl grid

Advantages of vinyl flooring

Vinyl floor coverings are very practical both from the point of view of their care and laying. It is possible to lay them much faster and easier than other types of floor coverings. Vinyl flooring is very practical, so it can be used in almost any room: kitchen, bathroom, school, restaurant, store, office, living room and more. This is an excellent solution for persons with allergies.

Wide range of design solutions

Imitation of wood or stone is of such high quality that visually it is difficult to distinguish it from a floor made of real wood or stone.


Vinyl floors are very simple to care for, which is their biggest advantage.

Suitable for underfloor heating

The flooring is thin, does not deform and conducts heat well.

Simple laying

You can do vinyl flooring even on your own.

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